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Are you in search of a fresh and creative way to bond with your team? Look no further than CreativeEvents by Paint It Easy. We specialize in providing unique and engaging team building events through the medium of painting and other art-related activities all over Switzerland.

Our events are designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone to join in on the fun regardless of their artistic ability. With a focus on creativity and color, our team building events are guaranteed to bring a splash of excitement and fun to your bonding experience. Plus, the paintings created during the corporate event can serve as a memorable keepsake and a colorful addition to your office walls. 

Join us in our studios in Zürich, or Basel, or organize your team painting with us anywhere in Switzerland! We look forward to bringing some color and fun to your next corporate team building event. Let‘s grab a brush in one hand, a glass of prosecco in the other, and just “Paint It Easy”. 

About us

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Paint It Easy is an art studio and a community lead by group of Basel based artists on a mission: bringing the experience and joy of artistic creation to everyone!

In our studio we are hosting a variety of painting activities from fun & social painting events to artsy courses. Down here our guests can unwind, be creative and meet other like-minded people.

Our team members are young, local artists, who are eager to share their skills and passion with the participants and guide them through colorful adventures.

Our Mission

Introduce the experience and joy of artistic creation to millions of people within the framework of our informal, carefree and joyful activities.

Creating opportunities of self-expression using the tools of art, regardless of age, gender and education.

Facilitating connection between local, contemporary artists, their artistic work and society.

founders’ story

We are Patricia and Peter, a Hungarian couple currently living in Basel. Our paths in our 20s were quite exceptional – Patricia graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and established herself as a contemporary artist, while Peter traveled around the world on a bike, living off farm jobs and street performances for years. These paths eventually intersected at a cashier’s desk of a second-hand store in Budapest in 2016 Since then we experience every day: 1+1 is more than just 2!

Before moving to Switzerland in 2019, we lived on our farm in a small village in North Hungary, which is the place we call home. The benefits of living close to nature include maintaining a fresh state of mind and helping us contemplate our life missions. We have become strongly committed to supporting each other in finding ways to lead a meaningful, balanced, and healthy life. Our goal is to promote simplicity and sustainability, and we believe in the human spirit and intelligence. We aim to nurture local communities and encourage individuals to find connections with each other again. Our plan is to build cooperatives based on organic agriculture and reforestation, and to fund art residency programs and modernize education in underdeveloped regions.

To achieve these missions, we wanted to gain something we had never had before: financial stability. This was the main reason behind our decision to move to Switzerland for a few years. Shortly after arriving, Patricia started cleaning private homes and Peter began working at a restaurant called “La Manufacture.” We had never planned to become entrepreneurs, but the idea of starting a business came about as Patricia was searching for a studio to prepare for her upcoming solo exhibitions. We found an amazing studio, but it was quite expensive, so we considered using the space for something else to make it cost-effective. The idea of a “painting school” emerged, but we weren’t fully convinced. It felt like we had more to offer.

We read about a successful and popular entertainment and business model from the US called Paint & Sip. It aligned perfectly with our skills – Patricia’s art and Peter’s hospitality. We thought, “Why not put our skills together and create a platform where people can socialize, have a good time, and do something creative and meaningful?” Painting is a unique activity because you can easily get immersed in it while also enjoying conversation. After days of discussions, research, trials, and errors, the concept of Paint It Easy was born, and it has been evolving ever since. Today, we offer a wide variety of art-related activities, including painting classes,  art workshops and courses, corporate events, kids’ art camps and so much more.


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…our mission to shift the way we engage with and experience art.

…young artists / art students from your region.

…our goal to establish more creative studios nationwide and provide a creative outlet for people of all backgrounds.

Meet the team

Jael Kedmi
Art Teacher
One of our team members
Ruben Stauffer
Event Instructor
Nandini Hasija
Art Teacher
Julienne Wenger
Art teacher
Franca Zanetti
Event Instructor
Babette Walder
Event Instructor
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