Sprayers at a time

2-4 Hours

Of graffiti team building

From 90.00 pp

Including all materials

Rattling spray cans

Ready to get down and dirty with graffiti team building event? Join your colleagues in a hands-on experience with this controversial art form. You’ll get to work with markers, stencils, and spray paint to create a vibrant, edgy piece of art with your team. With the guidance of an expert instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your artistic side and express your ideals through graffiti. 

No prior artistic or drawing skills are required for this team building activity, which is suitable for complete beginners. At the end of the event, you’ll even get to take home a piece of the wall as a memento. So come get creative and embrace your inner graffiti artist with this urban art team building activity!

lot of assorted-labeled cans
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What is included


Several individual canvases sized 24cm x 30 cm that capture parts of your mural

Basic Materials
  • Spray cans (qty: 6/person)
  • 3-5 different caps to create beautiful effects
Extra Materials
  • Paint rollers
  • Set of markers
  • Gloves
  • FFP2 masks
Graffiti Instructor

1 talented local artist for each 15 participants

Graffiti Theme

Stylized text based graffiti design created on the spot, or pre-sketched

  • All materials and staff to location;
  • Setting up the scene;
  • Clean up
Optional Extras
  • Previously prepared graffiti design
  • Protective overalls
  • Special colors
Big Anonymous Bank
Software Developer

“Yo, just wanted to give a shoutout to that graffiti team building event I did with my squad. It was dope. Really off the chain! ;)”

What to expect

On the day of the graffiti team building, the Creative Team Events team will bring all the necessary painting materials to the venue and set everything up. 

You’ll have the option to create your graffiti art on large wooden boards, stretched linen, or directly on a wall, depending on the venue and your team’s preferences. The Advanced Package includes a workshop led by artist Timo Paris and his team, who will introduce you to the history and essential techniques of graffiti art, including tags, throw-ups, pieces, and lettering. You’ll have the opportunity to practice these skills on paper before using them to design your own graffiti, such as a company name or logo. 

For the Beginner Package, you can request that the Creative Events team provide a pre-sketched urban design for your team to spray paint. 

Timo will teach you the basics of spraying, including how to make straight lines, create backgrounds, and add shading and highlights. Our instructors will be available to offer individual assistance as you work on your first graffiti piece. Each participant will have a small canvas to take home a piece of their graffiti composition, along with photos taken during the team event activity. Upon request, you can also take home the entire composition on wood boards.

Meet your artist

Studied  fine art at FHNW HGK with a BA, certified breaking instructor (Bboy & BGirl Dojo Certificate). Self-taught in breaking style for 17 years, working as a freelance artist, dancer, and cultural creator, as well as a dance instructor at the MIR Compagnie.

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