loose yourself in the hypnotic process,
that is fluid art


Painters at a time

2-4 Hours

Of pure painting fun!

From 100.00 pp

Including all materials

Beautifully swirling chaos

Join us on a journey of discovery through the mesmerizing world of fluid art, using vibrant acrylic colors to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Acrylic pouring, also known as fluid art, is an incredibly fun and satisfying way to create abstract paintings through a hypnotic and meditative process. With various pouring techniques and color combinations, you can watch the paint splat, ooze, and mix right before your eyes, creating beautiful and random patterns on your canvas.

This team event is suitable for beginners, experts, and chaos lovers alike, and will teach you how to create stunning abstract art that will leave everyone believing you planned it all along.

Fun, memorable and enjoyable team building events
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What is included


2, or 3 canvases, size 30cm x 30cm

Basic Materials
  • Pre-mixed quality paint for pouring
  • Silicone oil
Extra Materials

Cups, pins, masking tape, straw, palette knife, balloons

  • Spirit level
  • Blowtorch
  • Protective apron
Art Instructor

1 talented local artist for each 10 participants

Painting Theme

Fluid art techniques:

  • Tree ring
  • Flip cup
  • Balloon dip
  • All materials and staff to location;
  • Setting up the scene;
  • Clean up
Optional Extras
  • Phosphorescent paints
  • Exotic canvases: triangle, hexagon, circle
Dr. Covadonga Palacio Gutierrez

“Everyone had a lot of fun during the workshop and we are all excited for our paintings!”

What to expect

On the day of the event, the CreativeEvents team will set up the painting materials at the venue and take steps to keep the area clean and contained. At the start of the session, your instructor will provide an overview of the materials and demonstrate the techniques used to create 2 to 3 abstract paintings. Your art instructors will help teams throughout the creation process and offer individual assistance as needed. 

Halfway through the session, there will be a break for refreshments and snacks to give you a chance to bond with your team and take a break from creating. We will take plenty of pictures to capture all of the special moments. At the end of the session, there will be a chance to take fun team photos (silly ones are encouraged too!)

Please note that it may take up to 72 hours before you can transport the paintings. If you need assistance with transport, we can also help with delivering the artworks to a preferred location in the following days upon request.

Get inspired

Each piece is unique and should be embraced for its one-of-a-kind beauty.

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