Team Building Activities

We make fun art, not Fine art.
Everyone is welcome!

Your guided paint and sip event is about making fun art, not fine art. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, art supplies, a drawing template and step-by-step instructions from local artists, so you can let go and focus on connecting with your team members over an “artsy” cocktail and a night of creativity and laughs. 

A glass along the creative process of our guests
Play Video about A glass along the creative process of our guests

Team members work on their own canvases as part of a larger collaborative project. 

The emphasis is on cooperation as everyone contributes to the final image by making sure their lines meet and their colors harmonize. The resulting painting can represent the company’s brand, conference theme, values, goals, or even be inspired by a famous work of art. It’s a chance for everyone to come together and create something special as a team.

Bring your team together for a unique and exciting XXL canvas collaboration party! This out-of-the-box painting event is perfect for bonding and getting your creative juices flowing.

Team members will be divided into small groups and given a variety of painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, to use as they work together to create XXL sized paintings. It’s a great opportunity for team building and artistic expression.

Perfect for those who are looking for a non-restrictive team event, where the emphasis is on the process rather than the outcome. 

Perhaps you’ll create something beautiful, perhaps you’ll create something beautifully chaotic. Either way, the only goal is to let go of our obsession with goals.

Throw, drip, dribble, smear, splash, pour and splatter!

Embark on an out-of-the-ordinary team event where you’ll connect with a whole different side of your team members while embracing your inner wild child. 

You. Your team. A blank wall. 

Your office wall is too bland and boring? Decorate it with a majestic creation made by your own team! Good news: you don’t have to paint directly on the wall. 

Engage your team on a journey of discovery, using bright, vibrant acrylic colors through fluid art techniques, leaving you with “one of a kind results”. Join us for an extremely fun form of abstract painting.

How it works

Write us an e-mail, WhatsApp message or send a request through our event planner.

Our team event calculator gives you an on the fly quote with no strings attached

We review your request and schedule a phone call to better understand your expectations and explain how it all works.

After that we send you a short statement of main points by e-mail. If it all looks good, we send you a proposal to organize your most colorful event ever.

After accepting our proposal and if the total amount exceeds 3000 CHF, we kindly request you to sign a straightforward agreement and initiate a small deposit as a virtual handshake.

A signed letter of engagement entitles you to 3 scope changes including: date and group size changes, budget increase/decrease.


Additional changes thereafter incur an additional agreed-upon fee charged by the hour.


Meet us at the venue and let the fun begin!

Bond over a canvas and put together an unforgettable team art piece with the guidance of talented local artists.

Our calculator gives you an on-the-fly quote for your creative team event

Getting in touch

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