You, your team, a blank wall


Painters at a time

2-4 Hours

Of pure painting fun!

From 70.00 pp

Including all materials

Your ceiling is the limit

Decorate your office wall with a collaborative masterpiece created by your team! Team members will be divided into small groups and given various painting tools such as brushes and rollers to work on either your office walls, or large canvases. The canvases will be pieced together to form a mural. 

The project promotes cooperation as participants work closely together in order to create an extraordinary decoration to their own working space. The final image can be inspired by your company’s brand, conference theme, values, goals, or even a famous piece of art. The impressive artwork is sure to make your office space stand out and may even spark some envy among your coworkers

Fun and creative mural painting as a team building activity
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What is included


Large canvas
sized 100cm x 130 cm

Basic Materials
  • Quality acrylic paint
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Paint jar + Paper palette,
Extra Materials

Palette knifes, sponges, paint rollers, super sized brushes, tools to make special effects

  • Standing easels
  • Wireless LED lights
  • Protective apron
Art Instructor

1 talented local artist for each 10 participants

Painting Theme
  • Figurative or abstract representation of a company’s brand, conference theme, values or goals.
  • Pre-outlined on the walls or on the canvases
  • All materials and staff to location;
  • Setting up the scene;
  • Clean up
Optional Extras
  • Protective overalls for everyone
  • Floor protection
Elias Emmenegger

“OMG! It was pure fun. Funtastic. We are definitely coming back for more.”

What to expect

CreativeEvents team will design murals based upon your ideas and will create the outlines of the chosen theme either on canvases, or directly on your office walls prior to the event. On the day of the event, the CreativeEvents team will set up the painting materials at the venue. At the start of the session, your instructor will go over the materials and demonstrate how to use the brushes and paint, as well as how to mix colors. Your art instructors will help teams throughout the creation process and provide individual assistance as needed. 

Halfway through the session, there will be a break for refreshments and snacks to give you a chance to bond with your team and take a break from creating. We will take plenty of pictures to capture all of the special moments. At the end of the session, there will be a chance to take fun team photos (silly ones are encouraged too!) and you will get to take your painting home with you. If you decide to paint at our studios and need assistance with transport, we can also help with delivering the artwork to a preferred location in the following days upon request.

Get inspired

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