Puzzle painting

Undeniably the best team event idea to bring your team members together. 


Painters at a time

2-4 Hours

Of pure painting fun!

From 65.00 pp

Including all materials

Together as one

Looking for the best team event idea that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a sense of achievement? Look no further than our unique and exciting collaborative art experience!

Imagine your team coming together to create a breathtaking masterpiece, where each individual’s contribution is essential. Our team event revolves around the idea of cooperation and unity, with everyone working on their own canvas to ensure all lines meet and colors blend harmoniously. 

This art project can be tailored to reflect your company’s brand, conference theme, core values, or even be inspired by a famous work of art. When assembled together, the result is not just a stunning visual creation, but also a representation of your team’s unity and shared vision.

Creative and fun painting team building activity
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What is included

  • Canvas sized 30cm x 40 cm
  • Drawing template
  • Carbon tracing paper
Basic Materials
  • Quality acrylic paint
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Paint jar + Paper palette
Extra Materials

Palette knifes, sponges, paint rollers, super sized brushes, tools to make special effects

  • Tabletop easels
  • Wireless LED lights
  • Protective apron
Art Instructor

1 talented local artist for each 20 participants

Painting Theme

Selected from our collection of paintings or provided by you

  • All materials and staff to location;
  • Setting up the scene;
  • Clean up
Optional Extras
  • Tell us what to paint, we will make it happen;
  • Paint on a bigger canvas (40cm x 50cm)
Kate C. Harr-Sponsler
Deputy General Counsel

“Everyone tremendously enjoyed all of it…”

Marina Remy
Senior Project Manager Human Resources & Finance

“Everyone loved the event, thank you so much, It turned out to be the best team event idea eventually!”

What to expect

On the day of your team painting party with Creative Team Events, our team will transport the materials to the event venue and set everything up. You’ll receive a demonstration on using the brushes and paint, as well as color mixing basics. Using a tracing template, you’ll draw the outline of your picture (no drawing skills needed!) and then follow along with the step-by-step guidance of your instructor to create your puzzle piece (feel free to add your own personal twist). If you get stuck, your instructor will be there to help you individually.

Halfway through your creative team building activity, you’ll take a break to enjoy some refreshments and bond with your team over your artistic skills (or lack thereof). We’ll also capture plenty of memories with tons of pictures of your artistic team event. At the end of the session, you’ll take home your finished painting in a recycled paper bag and take some fun team pictures (silly ones encouraged!). If you’d like, we can also transport your artwork to a preferred location in the following days.

Once showcased on your office wall, it’s sure to attract attention and spark a bit of healthy jealousy from other teams. That’s yet another reason why we firmly believe this is the absolute best team event idea ever!

Painting collection

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